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genes1s CAD

CAD Essence is a company specialising in the development of intelligent CAD systems. We also provide consultancy and development services for associated systems such as GIS and ActiveX CAD viewers.

We have been involved in the development of CAD since the early 80's. Our flagship product, genes1s CAD, has been around since 1986 and is used all over the world. There is a very close working relationship between us (the developers) and our various marketing and support partners.

We worked in conjuction with Tribal Education, a division of Tribal Group PLC to develop and support our products which are used in their Property and Asset Management systems - Evolut1on, Enterpr1se and Init1ate.

This site acts as a portal for you to access the various services and products we offer.

You can also have a look at Anton's development blog

CAD Essence Ltd. The origin of intelligent CAD.